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Wet Collodion Engagement Session | Adam & Amy, Denver Co.

Adam and Amy want­ed to make a few wet col­lo­di­on images for their engage­ment ses­sion so they came by my stu­dio in Den­ver, CO. Black glass is such an ele­gant medi­um to make pho­tographs on which makes it a per­fect match for engage­ment pho­tographs. In about 2 hours we made a 8.5 x 6.5 black glass ambortype of each of them and one 11 x 14 of them togeth­er.  The first 11x14 was a lit­tle over exposed so i wiped the emul­sion from the plate are re poured it. In the image you see sweep marks of sil­ver from where in haste I didn’t do as good of a job clean­ing the glass as I should have. We could have wiped it again and re poured, but Adam and Amy embraced the imper­fec­tions and want­ed to leave it as it was. Three plates down and we still had some won­der­ful evening light so we head­ed to a park down the street and snapped a few dig­i­tal shots as well.




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