New York City Street Photography | New York, NY.

A few of my favorite images from my recent trip to New York City for some Skate­board­ing with old friends.  Skat­ing keep’s you young!  Skate for­ev­er or get old and fat!

New York City Skateboard PhotographyNew York City Skateboard PhotographyNew York City Skateboard PhotographyTribeca SkateparkChelsey Skateboard park, New York CityNew York City Portrait PhotographyNew York City BuildingsNew York City Street PhotographySkater at the Open Road Skate Park in the Lower East Side, New York NYNew York City Skateboard photography

Pho­to: Chris Drabous­ki

New York City Skateboard Photographer

238 thoughts on “New York City Street Photography | New York, NY.

  1. Oh my — you’re Flat­iron Build­ing pic­ture is sim­ply amaz­ing. It is my favourite build­ing in the world. I sat look­ing at it on New Year’s day and thought — god, has there ever been such an amaz­ing build­ing built since — wow, amaz­ing — well done.
    Ps. also love the pic of some­one tak­ing a pic of the sky­line from behind — great com­po­si­tion!

  2. I love New York. I’ve nev­er been and one day I would love to. See­ing pics like yours just make me wan­na see it even more. They’re so cool and I just pic­ture a long day in the city and still not hav­ing had enough when I go to bed that night. Great Job on the Pho­tog­ra­phy, Love It!
    — Vis­it my blog and leave com­ments, i’m new to word­press! x x x

  3. Nice pho­tos, I espe­cial­ly like 2 — the one in front of the mur­al and the oth­er of the skate­board as its being car­ried. The ones of you catch­ing air are pret­ty sick too though!

  4. Love the blog head­er — and the
    tun­nel shot. Any image manip­u­la­tion
    on that last one?

    Check out my Bohemi­ans at Large
    Posts for some legal — and slight­ly
    less legal forms of goril­la art.

  5. Won­der­ful pho­tog­ra­phy! You real­ly keep the life in things.

    I do pho­tog­ra­phy but I don’t have much on my WP site. I’ve been adding pics to my FB site called Lore­na Koran Pho­tog­ra­phy Etc. and I add a lot to my reg­u­lar FB page under my name Lori K Hobbs.

    I would love ot spend time in NY one day and of course go across the Atlantic and snap away there too.

  6. Just last night we were hav­ing our din­ner at the bay­walk, and one thing that spiced up our night and the place of course were the teens who parad­ed the long stretch of the ocean park doing all these incred­i­ble stunts with their skate­boards. And we were kind of puz­zled while watch­ing espe­cial­ly if their stunts seem to hurt them… We’ll nev­er be able to real­ize what ful­fill­ment skate­board­ing can give unless oth­er­wise we try it our­selves, but got no plans of try­ing. Lol! Great shots by the way! 😉

    1. New York City is an amaz­ing place for skate­board­ing! There is real­ly nop place quite like it. I am orig­i­nal­ly from Philadel­phia and to this day it is very ille­gal to skate most places. In New York frankly I think the Police just have bet­ter things to do.

      Thank you for check­ing out my work!

  7. Please encour­age skaters to con­fine their acro­bat­ics to skate parks. They do a lot of dam­age to curbs, park bench­es, steps and oth­er pub­lic areas when they do acro­bat­ic skate tricks out­side the ded­i­cat­ed facil­i­ties. Nice pics.

    1. Boo to that!
      Skate Parks are fun, but street skat­ing is where it all began! Not to men­tion there are not near­ly enough skate parks for all the kids that skate.
      There is noth­ing quite like skat­ing in the streets, and New York City is the best place in the world for it!
      I would strong­ly encour­age every­one to try it!!!!
      Get your self a nice wide board and some soft wheels and go slap­py grind some of those but­tery angle iron curbs in NYC!
      Then maybe you will under­stand.

      Thank you for the com­pli­ments on my work.

  8. WOW, this is fan­tas­tic! I’ve nev­er seen pho­tog­ra­phy quite like this. I always come across stuff like flow­ers and peo­ple, but not like skate­board­ing and build­ings. It’s amaz­ing!

  9. awe­some pho­tos. I work in the skate­board­ing indus­try, and love fresh per­spec­tives from the eyes of the ath­letes, both pros, ams, and those just out there to have fun. Nice work.

  10. Great pic­ture sto­ry. Think you will be in skate­board shape dur­ing Social Secu­ri­ty time. I am 82 and out run most young peo­ple in my fam­i­ly. They ran the fastest but I ran the longest. Keep up the good work young MAN!

  11. Beau­ti­ful. I can­not wait to trav­el the world with a cam­era and noth­ing else. No rush­ing, no work­ing, no need for imme­di­ate some­things. Just peace and pho­tog­ra­phy. Maybe some com­mu­ni­ca­tion with phone calls to loved ones. But oth­er than that, just liv­ing in the moment. I am so glad that still is some­thing peo­ple do.

  12. I feel myself get­ting old­er and fat­ter by the minute…I guess I should take up skate­board­ing to com­bat that. It’ll either keep me young or kill me…

    Awe­some pho­tos! 😉

  13. Beau­ti­ful shots! I shot the A cam­era on my video blog with a 5D and an Ex-1…they match up well!

    Do you have an inter­est in hav­ing your pho­tog­ra­phy fea­tured in oth­er blogs as adorn­ment to text if it links back to your blog page?

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